1. Software License

Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

2. Membership

After you purchase the software: 
2.1 You can use the software forever!
2.2 You can use it on unlimited servers/domains.
2.3 You can download the software, addons and all upgrades within the membership period (currently available: 1/2/3 years).
2.4 After the end of the membership period, you can renew the membership with a 25% discount to receive further upgrades. **

3. Support Contract

3.1 When you purchase the software to join our membership, you will have the options of buying a Support-Contract Version or a Non-Support Version. #

3.2 With the Support-Contract Version (available with 1/2/3 years), we will get software downloads/upgrades and also our free support within the membership period. You can contact us for help and guidance on any issues, including software download, installation, configuration, work flow design, setup advice, etc. However, a full software installation, configuration, and testing service is not included in the free support. Also we will try to help on any problems caused by the 3rd party component/template/application, but we don't guarantee a final solution.

3.3 With the Non-Support Version, you may get a lower membership price but we will not provide support on the software installation, configuration and usage. You will still be able to report bugs by submitting a support enquiry if you find any and believe that is a software bug. You can upgrade to a Support-Contract Version at any time when you need that. Please contact our support desk for an upgrade solution.

3.4 A Support-Contract only provides the support for one domain.£ You need to register your domian after the purcahse. The support contract and the registered domain for this contract are required for submitting a support request. If you want our supports for additional domains, you need to purchase additional Support Contracts from us. $

3.5 When you purchase additional Support Contracts, you will able to register more domains. The total registered domain number is the same as the number of Support Contracts you hold.

3.6 When you renew the Support-Contract Version, you can register a different domain from the first one.

3.7 Our technicians will respond to your queries as soon as possible. We promise to give the response for any of your queries within 24 hours.


** The renewal membership will extend your current membership period, so that you can renew it at any time.

# With both Support-Contract Version and Non-Support Version, you will be grant a membership for software download as stated in 2.3.

£ The definition of the domain for a Suppor-Contact might be different specifically for OSE Security Suite. We will provide support at the whole server level for the following issues: Installation, Anti-Hacker protection activation, Anti-Hacker Rules configuration, and Anti-Virus functions.

$ if you purchase additional Support-Contracts from us, the new Support Contracts will start on the dates of registration of new domains separately as the above example.


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