Remote Update through OSE App Center

Update the OSE App Center

This function is available from version 5.1.9, please note that from 5.1.8 to 5.1.9, there is only one change, that is we updated the OSE App Center to have the remote update function.

Who will need to use the following function:

Users using OSE Security Suite version 5.1.8 or lower has the OSE App Center looking like the following:

OSE Security App Center

If your OSE App Center looks like above, please follow the instructions below to upgrade your App Center component so use the remote update function in the future:

1. Download OSE Security Suite version 5.1.9 from your download area in OSE website.

2. In the download package, there is a folder called 'UpgradePack', there two zip files inside it. One is the OSE App Center component version 2.0 and the other is OSE App Update check plugin.

Note: From version 5.1.9, the file 'OSESECSUITEV4_TO_5.1.9_UPGRADEPATCH.tar.gz' is removed from the download package. This package will be replaced by the Upgrade Pack package for the software upgrade function.

OSE Security App Center

3. Install the OSE App Center component by going to Extensions --> Extensions Manager, browse the '' file in the 'UpgradePack' folder

4. Install the OSE App Update check plugin by going to Extensions --> Extensions Manager, browse the '' file in the 'UpgradePack' folder, it will replace the existing plugin

5. After that, go to OSE App Center, the component is updated and looks as shown as follows:

 OSE Security App Center

Update OSE Security Suite Remotely

1. Please go to OSE App Center --> Configuration --> Enter your OSE Login username and password

 OSE Security App Center

2. Please also enter a secret word in the secret word field. The funciton of the secret word is to protect the OSE App Center configuration section so only administrator can access the Configuration section. Once the secret word is entered, the OSE App Center section will be accessible by the administrator only

 OSE Security App Center

3. Once the OSE username and password are entered, please go to the Dashboard section to upgrade the software by clicking the Upgrade button:

 4. One more change before we start the update, please temporarily change the allow_url_fopen to 'On' so the package can be downloaded remotely

OSE Security App Center

5. The system will login to OSE, download the upgrade package, and install the updated files automatically for you

 OSE Security App Center

6. That's it, your system will be upgraded to the latest version remotely.

7. Finally, please change the allow_url_fopen to 'Off' after the upgrade.

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