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OSE Security Suite version 5.0.0 RC2 released. Please see the following changes logs

OSE Security Suite version 5.0.0 include the changes of the following
   * Enhancement - Rewrite backend user interface
   * Bug fixed - Fixed bugs in adding IP / IP range function
   * Enhancement - Added the function to avoid scanning Search Engine IPs
   * Enhancement - Added the ban page type for Flooding Hacking behaviour, administrators can choose whether to show a error page or ban the user
   * Enhancement - Improve the layer 2 key logging function to log dynamic variables
   * Enhancement - Improve the whitelisting of layer 2 keys of dynamic variables
   * Enhancement - Added Remote Installation function into OSE App Component for OSE Anti Hakcer
   * Enhancement - Integration with the free GeoLite data to give integrated look up data on the IP addresses that are blocked and monitored in the alert email
   * Enhancement - Added GeoLite data to show the country the IP comes from
   * Enhancement - Added email template function to allow users to custom the alert emails
   * Enhancement - Added the default Joomla and WordPress rulesets into the component
   * Enhancement - Enhanced attack alert reporting in IP management, Layer 1 and Layer management and the alert emails
   * Enhancement -- Rewrite the whole File Manager in order to better view / edit infected files
   * Enhancement -- Improve the Database initialisation function to allow adding different folders into the initialisation process
   * Enhancement -- Rewrite backend interface for better user experience

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OSE Membership 5.7.2 released osemembership

OSE Membership 5.7.2 released, the following are change logs from 5.6.2 to 5.7.2

OSE Membership Version 5.7.1 - 5.7.2
    * Bug Fix - Fixed a bug in the content plugin for the latest version of K2 integration
    * Bug Fix - Fixed the bug that emails are still sent to admins when the offline payments emails are turned off

OSE Membership Version 5.7.0 - 5.7.1
    * Bug Fix - Fixed the VirtueMart addon bug for the latest version of VirtueMart
    * Bug Fix - Fixed the free membership requiring users to enter credit card information issue in 5.7.0
    * New Feature - Added Paygate into the system

OSE Membership Version 5.6.2 - 5.7.0
    * Bug Fix - Serious security bug fix in all version prior to including 5.6.2

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OSE VirtueMart 2Checkout module 1.0.3 released


OSE VirtueMart 2Checkout Plugin 1.0.2 - 1.0.3 Change logs:

* Improvement: use the customizable payment form in 2Checkout instead of the default payment form

* Improvement: show multiple products in the shopping cart

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OSE RSS Syndicatorâ„¢1.0.0 released


OSE RSS Syndicator 1.0.0 released. More information can be found in this page.

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OSE Security Suite 4.1.1  osesecsuite

OSE Security Suite version 4.1.1 include the changes of the following:
  * Enhancement -- Add a condition to the database desctruction function so it closes only when the database is called outside the Joomla framework.
  * New Feature -- Added a pattern to block registration spammers with the email from

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