Centrora Security 4.8.0 released

We are delighted to announce that Centrora Security 4.8.0 is released today, core changes include the following:

Download Centrora Security 4.8.0 Now

= 4.8.0 =
* Added: New and Improved Schedule Task: Set and forget, get notified,
* Added: Feature Requests #120: Scheduled backup function
* Added: Feature Requests #123: Add Ondrive backup
* Added: Feature Requests #130: WooCommerce Support on Variables Scanner
* Added: Feature Requests #137: ADD OEM Login Page
* Enhancement: Cloud backup folder structure now includes better support for multiple sites backup
* Enhancement: Schedule Scanner minor UI Improvements
* Enhancement: Save backup time of new backups made
* Enhancement: Schedule Task toggle Activate/Deactivate
* Enhancement: Improvements #121: Dashboard Links to Data
* Enhancement: Numerous other minor Enhancements and fixes
* Enhancement: Improvements #126: Check Session: Login Status
* Fixed: Schedule Scanner failed for a few users
* Fixed: Bugs #122: Dashboard popup error, on low resource servers.
* Fixed: Bugs #125: Dropbox Unlink Account Fails to Relink later
* Fixed: Bugs #129: Fix Audit my Site broken actions
* Fixed: Bugs #132: Fix CronJobs Msg: Link for “contact support team” in WP
* Fixed: Bugs #142: Virus Scanner Maximum Database connection saving error
* Fixed: Several minor tweaks and fixes

Schedule Backup 4.8.0
Schedule Backup 4.8.0

Enjoy the better security solution for your Joomla and WordPress websites.


Centrora Security 4.6.0 released

We are delighted to announce that Centrora Security 4.6.0 is released today, core changes include the following:

Download Centrora Security 4.6.0 Now

= 4.6.0 =
* Added: Feature Requests #7: Dropbox Backup
* Added: Feature Requests #14: More functions in Scan Report
* Added: Feature Requests #71: Add a filter into the IP management section to filter IPs for specific type of variable
* Added: Feature Requests #84: Add directory tree map into the virus scanner
* Added: Feature Requests #86: Add a function to insert the oem customer id into the Configuraiton table
* Added: Feature Requests #90: OEM user access control
* Enhancement: Added the direct access link to the IP address that is reported as spammers by the spammer detection function.
* Enhancement: Improvements #76: Add Subscription modal to the premium service
* Fixed: Bugs #45: Export IP to CSV
* Fixed: Bugs #46: Geo Data progress bar goes beyond 100%
* Fixed: Bugs #69: Foreign Language not showing properly
* Fixed: Bugs #73: Virus scanner cannot complete virus sccanning
* Fixed: Bugs #88: Suite Administrator Menu Visual Bug
* Fixed: Bugs #95: Cannot add domains in Administrator Management

Centrora Dropbox Backup
Centrora Dropbox Backup

Enjoy the better security solution for your Joomla and WordPress websites.


Centrora Security 4.5.0 released

We are delighted to announce that Centrora Security 4.5.0 is released today, core changes include the following:

Download Centrora Security 4.5.0 Now

* Added: Feature Requests #16: Add an email notification when the backup is completed
* Added: Feature Requests #24: Add One Click fix for file permissions functions
* Added: Feature Requests #44: Add multiple email alert receivers facilities
* Added: Feature Requests #49: Add landing page to show all features for the premium service
* Added: Feature Requests #72: Add database versioning to ensure smooth database updates
* Added: PDO class activation codes in the php.ini activation section for suite version

* Fixed: Bugs #15: IP management some flags are missing for some websites
* Fixed: Bugs #53: Fix variable cannot be added to suite / joomla in some websites
* Fixed: Bugs #55: In a specific website website, the variable Whitelist not working
* Fixed: Bugs #56: In a specific website, the OSE Security Suite cannot upgrade to Centrora Security Suite
* Fixed: Bugs#57: In a specific website, user cannot login premium service
* Fixed: Bugs#63: In a specific website, Virus scanner cannot complete virus sccanning
* Imppovement: UI #50: Change the one column login UI to two columns UI
* Imppovement: UI #51: Add a button to the activate my premium page to smooth premium service activation

Centrora Security One Click Fix
Enjoy the better security solution for your Joomla and WordPress websites.


Centrora Security 4.3.8 released

Centrora Security 4.3.8 is released, what’s new? You will find the virus scanner has more functions. Multi-threads and single threads scanning is available now. The difference of the two scanning method mainly is the former is faster, but may consumes more resources of the server at a specific time. If your server has limited resources, you can use the single-thread scanning method.

Centrora Security 4.3.8 Virus Scanner
Centrora Security 4.3.8 Virus Scanner

Moreover, you now can directly clean, delete, backup or restore all detected files in the scanner report.

Scanner Report in 4.3.8
Scanner Report in 4.3.8

More and more functions will be avaiable in future release! Hope you all enjoy it!

Since 4.3.0, we have made the following changes

= 4.3.8 =
* Fixed: Scanning specific path not working properly on some servers

= 4.3.7 =
* Improved: adjusted maximum threshold function to block an IP address so it will block the IP once it exceeds the threshold instead of blocking the IP in the next time
* Fixed: Fixed Autoloader not working when the firewall is activated globally in the php environment where local php configuration is not allowed
* Added: Added single thread scanning function so the scanning can be performed on some servers with strict database connection requirements.
* Added: Backup, Clean, Delete function in scanning report
* Fixed: Scanning specific path not working properly on some servers

= 4.3.6 =
* Improved: Improved virus scanner
* Added: Added CURL method to download the update package
* Added: Added Backup, Clean, Backup Clean function for virus scanning report
* Added: Added Activation with Activation code function for premium services

= 4.3.5 =
* Added: Added highlight of the virus scanner report
* Improved: Enhance the firewall function to ignore json format request variables

= 4.3.4 =
* Improved: Forced display_errors to be disabled when running the Centrora Firewall for all instances
* Improved: MainWP Extension to support some commercial MainWP addons

= 4.3.3 =
* Improved: Improved MainWP Extension so it checks if the extension is enabled in the Child websites

= 4.3.2 =
* Improved: Changed MainWP Class loaded inside wordpress backend

= 4.3.1 =
* Improved: Improved virus scanner so it can scan a larger amount of files in the system
* Improved: Improved virus scanner for cronjob virus scanning functions
* Fixed: Fixed the Composer class has been declared in some Joomla websites
* Added: Added MainWP Extensions Support
* Improved: Minor CSS style improvement to enhance the UI


We are on the list! - 30 Useful WordPress Plugins for Web Developers

We are on the list of 30 useful Wordpress plugins for web developers!

Reference: https://www.freshtheme.net/30-useful-wordpress-plugins-for-web-developers.html

WordPress is certainly one of the most feature rich and user-friendly publishing platforms available today due to the support and availability of huge number of plugins. Also with so many plugins available finding the best WordPress plugins is hard and time-consuming.

This post is featuring 30 fresh WordPress plugins that you will find quite helpful while developing your next web projects.


More accurate detection! OSE Security Suite 5.3.0 released


OSE Security Suite 5.3.0 is released. The main change for this version is to improve the virus definition for OSE Anti-Virus to better detect the recently fast-changing virus patterns for PHP system. Thanks to the dilligence from our virus scanning and cleaning team and developers, we now can detect more viruses and assist you in cleaning the Google hacking and Viagra viruses more quickly and accurately!

The following are the changes for OSE Security Suite version 5.3.0 and OSE Anti-Virus 5.3.0:

OSE Security Suite version 5.3.0 include the changes of the following
    * Enhancement -- Fixed the issue that on some servers the files cannot be cleaned due to the JSON class is not available
    * Enhancement -- Updated virus scanning patterns to scan virus more accurately
    * Enhancement -- Improved the file scanning function to ignore scanning OSE Virus definition files.

If you are using OSE Security Suite, please use the OSE App Center to upgrade the suite. If you are using OSE Anti-Virus on your Joomla CMS. please download the latest version from the download area and install it onto your Joomla website.


Wordpress How to | Enhance your blog secuirty

Your wordpress blog is one of your invaluable assets as knowledge and experience sharing through the website may create more value than selling physical products. Most of the bloggers are not techically advanced, and they would not like to see on one day that their websites are hacked and lose all blog items. OSE recently provides a free anti-hacking tool called OSE Firewall, which provides a basic protection of your wordpress powered blog from general hacking techniques.

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