Using OSE Credit with Page break for online book websites

This blog article shows you an example of using OSE Credit with the Pagebreak plugin developed by MyJSpace to create an effect that, after reading two pages of your article, the user is shown the credit top-up messages.

After installing OSE Credits and configure it with the ReadMore function of your editor as follows (we use K2 and JCE editor here)

OSE Credit Case 1

Your article will look like this in front:

OSE Credit Case

To show a page break in the frontend, please download this plugin, which was originally developed by MyJSpace, and enable the plugin, and ensure that it is at the last order of the Content plugin group.

The page break orignally looked like this before the plugin is enabled:

OSE Credit case

After the plugin is enabled, the page break will look like this

OSE Credit case

The article shows two pages of the e-book / blog to the user, and at the last page, users have to topup their credits to continue reading on the article:

OSE Credit case

That's it, good luck in your online business!


Introduction to OSE Credit Version 3

  • Various Content Control
  • Unlimited Credit Plans
  • Customization Registration Form
  • Easy Email Template Management
    Neat Order Management
  • OSE-Commerce Framework

About OSE Credit™

OSE Credit™ is a Joomla! extension that allows you to sell the reading (viewing) permissions to your articles or content with credits. It also allows you to sell the article or entry submission rights with credits. Nowadays Intellectual Property plays a more and more important role in the internet. You may have a very good blog with both free and premium content that benefits others. Such properties may be worthful which you can generate profits from. OSE Credit helps you to achieve this goal within your Joomla! CMS.

OSE Credit V3

Unlimited credit plans

OSE Credit allows you to setup unlimited credit plans, to control the viewing permissions of your content (which is maintained in default Joomla content management or the K2 component), to control the permissions of submitting entries in your listing directory (which is maintained in Joomla articles, or Mosets Tree or SOBI PRO) and to edit users' credits.

Easy sales email / receipt management

Apart from the above-mentioned weathworthy features that can bring in profits for you, OSE Credit has a lot of advanced features for your e-Commerce websites.  You can customize all emails that are sent to your customers within the email template section, and change the configuration for which groups can receive your sales receipts etc easily in the global email template configuration section.

Customizable registration form

Customizable Registration Form

Further, you can easily customize your registration form by adding / removing different fieldsets and fields from your registration form. OSE Creidt version 3 also utilizes the new OSE-Commerce framework to handle the registration forms, so you can create as many registration forms as you want and assign them into different menu items easily. 

Seamlessly Integrated with OSE-Commerce Framework

The new OSE-Commerce Framework also provides a lot of advanced e-commerce features for your e-commerce websites. Multiple currencies, cross-border tax system, various payment gateway and countries / states managements are all seamlessly integrated with OSE Credit version 3. With OSE Credit version 3, you not only own a credit control system, but also an advanced e-commercial system!

Neat and clear order management panel

Neat Order Management Panel

Finally, a neat and clear order management panel shows all orders that have been placed and paid. You can actually change the order status with a simple one click on the order status button. The relevant emails will be sent out once the button is clicked and the order status is changed correspondingly within the embeded OSE-Commerce Framework.


Controlling Content

Controlling Joomla articles with OSE Credits

Now please go to Content Management Section to control articles in Joomla. Please click the Joomla Content menu under the Components section, all Joomla categories will show up. You can control the whole category by editing the Required Credits column of the specific category, or click the Entry icon to edit the articles inside this category.

OSE Credits

When the individual article entries window pops up, please edit the Required Credits cell to configure the number of credits required to view the article, and click the update button to save the setting.

OSE Credits

Enabling the OSE Credit Content Control plugin

Now, please go to Extensions Manager --> In the filter, please choose Content, this will filter the Content plugins. Next, please enable the OSE Credit Content plugin, and enable the 'Article Viewing Control' parameter and change the Control content method to 'Replace Content'

OSE Credits

OSE Credits

If you would like to customize the messages to show to your customers, please modify the Warning messages to non-Paid users and the Information Message for Paid users.


OSE Credits


Setting up Credit Plans

Create Credit Plans

Please now go to Plans Management --> Create your new credit plans

OSE Credit

Then enter the title, description and choose the type of the plan.

OSE Credit

There are two types of credit plan options:

  1. Parent Option Item (of the Tree Struture Options)
  2. Individual Option Item (of the Single Structure Option)

OSE Credit

The first type allows you to create parent option item that shows children items in a tree structure, while the second type allows you to create an individual payment plan without creating children items.

After saving the basic information, the payment setting will show up in the right column of the plan configuration panel. You will see the following parameters if the plan is an Indivudual Option Item.

Individual Option Item

Basic Information

Please enter the number of credits you would like to grant to the users once they pay for it:

OSE Credit

Normal Retail Price

Please configure the retail price in this section, and set the time length this retail price that you normally sell to your users. If this price is valid for a very long period / forever, please set the length to 99 Years OR 0 month, either of the two options will work.

OSE Credit

Special Offer Price

This secion allows you to setup the special price of a credit plan. If you have special offer for a specific period, please configure the time and price here. The credit plan will use the price configured in this section instead of the normal retail price for users when they checkout in the frontend of your website.

OSE Credit

Returning customer discount

When a customer has purchased the credit plans before, and you would like to offer discounts to customers in order to attrack them to purchase more credits in your website, please configure the discount rate / amount here.

OSE Credit

Parent Option Item

If you have configured the item as a parent option item, the grid box of children items will show up on the right column of the panel:

OSE Credit

Please click the New button to create new children items, a popup window with parameters mentioned in Individual option items will show up so you can configure the item in detailed.

OSE Credit


Installing OSE Credit Component

1. Pre-install configuration

You will have the following file in your zip package - -- An OSE installer package, this package is over 2MB, so please change your upload_max_filesize in your PHP setting to 5M or above. Please see this wiki: Changing_PHP_configuration_setting for instructions

2. Installation

1. Please go to Joomla Backend --> Extensions --> Extension Manager --> Upload and Install the package through Joomla! Installer

OSE Anti Hacker

2. Once it is uploaded, please click the Complete Installation button to start the installation process

OSE Anti Hacker

3. You will see the following screens, please click the Next button to continue

OSE Anti Hacker

4. Then the installer will install the component automatically for you, please wait until the installation completes. If the installer does not start, please make sure that your files ownership is correct, this is especially important if you are using Plesk Desk as control panel.

5. Once the installation completes, please enter your OSE User ID and Password to activate the software

OSE Anti Hacker

6. Once the software is activated, you can start configuring the anti-hacker to work in the way you would like to.

OSE Anti Hacker

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