Integrating OSE WP Scan with your WordPress website to provide a detailed WordPress Security scan report for free.

OSE is proud to offer service for free to scan your WordPress website’s security for all WordPress customers by leveraging the power of the one of the best WordPress security scan tool – WPScan. WordPress customers now only need to install OSE WP Scan plugin, by entering your email address and a few clicks, to have their WordPress security scan report generated and delivered to their selected email address.

WPScan is a free, for non-commercial use, black box WordPress vulnerability scanner written for security professionals and blog maintainers to test the security of their sites.

However, the installation is hard to most WordPress owners who doesn’t have server administration background. That makes it difficult for WordPress owners to check if their websites are secure enough.

Because of this, we created OSE WP Scan plugin, which is really simple, easy to install and use. With OSE WP Scan, simply enter your email address and click the button to submit a scan request, the whole WordPress security scan report will be delivered to your email address within 15 minutes.


Anyone who owns a WordPress website can use OSE WP Scan plugin to request a free WordPress security scan report from our WordPress security scan servers.


The entire enrollment process for the WordPress security scanning occurs painlessly during OSE server’s native configuration process. You do not need to do anything.


There’s no payment, no validation emails, just a few clicks, the WordPress security scan report will be directly delivered to your email.


Detect known vulnerabilities in the WP core, themes and plugins with over 11,000 updated WordPress vulnerability data from the WPScan Vulnerability Database.


The scan will check overall WP security configuration as well as performing miscellaneous WordPress checks, such as username. directory used, theme names, custom dirs, etc.


The security scan is tailed for WordPress websites, so it scans everything about WordPress, e.g. WordPress Version enumeration and full WordPress website headers scanning

We are happy to help. If you have any questions, please raise your issues or questions in OSE WP Scan WordPress Plugin Support forum. We will try our best to respond ASAP.



Take full advantage of the Free WordPress security scanning revolution to review the security for your website now.