OSE Access Control for Joomla 1.5


This component is freely available, please see downlod links below.

OSE Access Control™ (Full name: Open Source Excellence Access Control for Joomla!) is a component that implements a Horizonal Access Control Arthetect over the Joomla's Veritical Access Control Levels Strutcure, which empowers Joomla's applicability in different industries.

From version 4.0, Access Control has been integrated into our OSE Membership Control as the basic version, so the Access Control is also shown as “Open Source MSC” in the Joomla back-end --> Components. The two components can share the same libraries, and so the Access Control component can be easily upgraded to Membership control in the future.

    Access Control Functions

    1. Shows/hides controlled articles for different users, in frontpage, category or section layout
    2. Shows/hides controlled modules for different users
    3. Shows/hides/redirects controlled menus for different users
    4. Restricts access to contents managed third-party components
    5. Hides the Edit Icons when users are not allow to edit that article.
    6. Redirects users to different pages after they login according to their group setting.
    7. Automatically assigns a user to one user group when he/she create an account, which can be integrated into Community Builder groups
    8. Hides intro text for restricted content for search results.
    9. Shows both public menus and group members' menu, or group members menus only in the main menu module PLUS supports for YooTheme.
    10. Allows users in the same Joomla hierarchy to have different editing permissions in different sections/categories/articles
    11. Controls component access for members only

    Membership/Member Management Functions

    12 .Unlimited Membership/Group Plans: your membership site can have as many membership as you want. There is no limit on how many memberships/groups you can setup on your website.
    13. Back-end Member Management section: web managers can add/remove users to the memberships, and manage members information.


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