System Requirements

An OSE Security Suite™ which includes the following components:

  1. PHP 5.1 or above
  2. MySQL 5.
  3. Protect ALL PHP system
  4. For Joomla system, it can support ANY version

What's Included

An OSE Security Suite™ which includes the following components:

  1. An independent security system - initially built on Joomla! but many changes are made for security functions.*
  2. An anti-hacker component - managing blacklist and whitelist IPs, whitelist strings and form fields list.
  3. OSE CPU - the anti hacking and virus scanning class files - a component containing class files for the application, allowing you to protect other websites on the same server. This means that with one installation, you can use it to protect all other PHP system on the same server. 
  4. An anti-virus component -  a web virus scaning / cleaning tool.
  5. Optional plugin: OSE Secure plugin.

* Please Do NOT upgrade the OSE Security Suite™ files to any version of Joomla!. This will cause the system crash.

Other Products and Services

When your websites are infected or malicious codes are found, you can choose our Web Virus Cleaning Service to solve the problem fast and safely. Although our Anti-Hacker application provides a powerful embedded Anti-Virus component, it always takes much time and energy to perform deep scanning and cleaning with keeping the system running stably and smoothly. The Web Virus Cleaning Service can do this for you with providing a convenient and fast way for you clean you websites. For more details, please browse our service here or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Online Documentation

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