About us

Our Mission

To source easier open source solutions to make open source more excellent


Open Source Excellence Limited (OSE hereafter) was founded in July 2018. We found that we are living in an abundant world with plenty of useful and excellent open source software and tools. We would love to source and redesign some of the workflow to implement those modern open source technology to provide light-weight, easy and simple open source solutions to the open source community.

At OSE, we believe that in this abundant open source world, to solve the same problem, there is always one simpler, easier solution there to be discovered, which is also what our customers are looking for. OSE Let’s Encrypt plugin is one of our examples to start off, with only 5 simple files in the plugin, and a design of a simple workflow, we offer customers the ability to generate the free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt CA with just a few clicks in 10 minutes.

Sourcing easier and simpler solutions to solve problems is what our research focuses on. We are obsessively passionate about it and our mission is to help the open source community to achieve it.

With the aim to solve problems in a simple manner in mind, by redesigning the workflow and implementing modern open source technology, we are excited to provide an easier solution to make open source more excellent. We hope you enjoy it and feel happy finding Open Source Excellence!