How to install SSL certificates in WordPress websites with Nginx


If you haven’t requested the free SSL certificates, please follow this tutorial to request a free SSL certificate with OSE Free SSL plugin from Let’s Encrypt.

Part 1. How to request free SSL / TLS certificates for your WordPress website


At this point, you should have received the certificate package after setting up the plugin and requesting SSL. Download the attachment in the email to your PC and extract the package. There are three files in the zip file, here we use as example, so we have the following three files:

  • chain.crt

Follow the instructions below to install the certificates into your WordPress Nginx server.

  • Login your SSH server or SFTP to upload the SSL certificates into the server, in our case, we upload them here: /etc/nginx/certs/, if you do not have such folder, please run mkdir -p /etc/nginx/certs/ to create the directory
  • Next, we need to merge the chain certificate with the domain certificate, please run this command:
    • cat chain.crt > fullchain.crt.
  • Please replace your first domain name in the certificate file name in the command.
  • Then edit your nginx configuration file, edit the section for the port 443 section and edit the ssl certificate location to /etc/nginx/certs/fullchain.crt and the key file location to /etc/nginx/certs/
  • Reboot WordPress and wait for the server to restart
  • Check your website in https protocol, e.g. in this case
  • The navigation bar now becomes green
  • You can check the detail of the certificate as well

SSL Certificate Renewal

In 3 months time, the SSL certificate will expire, at that time, after you receive the new SSL certificate in your email, please

  • Upload the certificates to the  /etc/nginx/certs/ directory
  • merge the chain certificate with the domain certificate, e.g. run the command:
    • cat chain.crt > fullchain.crt
  • Then reboot the Nginx service again.

** Note: We are working on the automation solution so the SSL can be renewed automatically. This will release the solution in future versions.

That’s it, enjoy the Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with OSE Free SSL WordPress plugin


Take full advantage of the Free SSL revolution and add an extra layer of security for your website now.

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