How to install free SSL certificates with Godaddy hosting accounts

First get a Free SSL for your WordPress website

To install a free SSL certificate into your Godaddy hosting account, first, you need to install the OSE Free SSL plugin into your WordPress website. The plugin will request the SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt (a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit. It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).) and deliver the SSL certificates to the provided email address.


  • PHP version 5.3+.
  • cURL and OpenSSL extensions in PHP
  • When using FTP mode, an FTP account with the access to /public_html/.well-known (for cpanel) or /httpdocs/.well-known (for plesk).


Install through Plugins Menu
  • Search “OSE Free SSL” in the plugin menu then install and activate it. After that, there will be a new menu OSE Free SSL on the side bar.
Install by Uploading the files through FTP
  • Upload the entire ose-lets-encrypt folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress backend. After that, there will be a new menu OSE Free SSL on the side bar.


There are two modes that you can request the free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. They are HTTP and FTP mode respectively.


In the HTTP mode, you can directly request the certificate sent to your email. In most cases, if the file permissions are correct, the plugin will create the folder /.well-known/acme-challenge/ automatically and upload the acme challenge tokens to verify the domain ownership.

If there are no file permissions issues, simply enter the email address and click the Save button to save the email into your database, after that, please click the ‘SSL Request’ button to request an SSL from Let’s Encrypt.

If there are no file permissions issues, simply:

  • Enter the email address
  • Save the setting
  • Click the ‘SSL Request’ button to request an SSL from Let’s Encrypt.

FTP Mode

In the cases that the file permissions are incorrect so the plugin cannot write files into the folder /.well-known/acme-challenge/ directly, the ftp form window shows up so you can enter your ftp accounts. Please refer to this tutorial to create the ftp account:

Go back to OSE Free SSL menu in your WordPress website and:

  • Fill in the FTP info created above
  • Save the setting
  • Click the ‘SSL Request’ button to request an SSL from Let’s Encrypt.


Should the Domain Validation goes successfully, your SSL certificate will be delivered to your email address shortly.


At this point, you should have received the certificate package after setting up the plugin and requesting SSL. Download the attachment in the email to your PC and extract the package. There are three files in the zip file:

  • your_site_domain.crt (if you cannot open it, please rename it to your_site_domain.crt.txt)
  • your_site_domain.key (if you cannot open it, please rename it to your_site_domain.key.txt)
  • chain.crt (if you cannot open it, please rename it to chain.crt.txt)

Follow the instructions below to install the certificates into your hosting account.

  • Login your GoDaddy account and go to cPanel.
  • In the Security section, click SSL/TLS.

On the next page

  • Choose Manage SSL Sites.

Next install the new certificate:

  • Choose the domain
  • Copy/paste the codes in the certificate files to the corresponding fields.
  • Copy content of your_site_domain.crt into the Certificate: (CRT) field
  • Copy content of your_site_domain.key into the Private Key (KEY) field
  • Copy content of chain.crt into the Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) field
  • Click the Install Certificate button

Should the Certificate installation is successful, you will get the SSL Host Successfully Installed message box. Then you can use plugins like Really Simple SSL to force your website to load in https protocol.


Take full advantage of the Free SSL revolution and add an extra layer of security for your website now.

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