How to install free SSL / TLS certificates into your WordPress website

PART 1: Requesting the Free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt with OSE Free SSL plugin

First, install the OSE Free SSL plugin into your WordPress website. OSE has built a really simple SSL plugin for WordPress community. WordPress owners just need to install the OSE Free SSL plugin into their website. The plugin will request the SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt (a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit. It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).) and deliver the SSL certificates to the provided email address.

WordPress website owners can follow the following instructions to request the SSL certificates and install their certificates into their hosting control panel.

  • Login your WordPress administrator panel
  • Search “Free SSL” in the plugin menu then install and activate it. After that, there will be a new menu OSE Free SSL on the side bar.

Next, go to the OSE Free SSL plugin, enter your email address and save the setting. Now, please click the ‘Step 1 Save Configuration button’

If the plugin cannot directly write files in your system due to file permissions, it will ask for an FTP account in a popup. If the plugin can write files properly, this window will not show up.

In the cases that the file permissions are incorrect so the plugin cannot write files into the folder /.well-known/acme-challenge/ directly, the ftp form window shows up so you can enter your ftp accounts. Please refer to the following tutorials to create the ftp account:

Next, the plugin will perform an ACME-Challenge Test automatically. This test is to ensure that the ACME Challenge token can be written into the .well-known/challenge folder properly during the Domain Validation process. This is required by Let’s Encrypt. See this page to read more about the workflow.

If the ACME Challenge test function failed, it is likely that your request to generate the SSL certificate will fail because the acme challenge cannot be stored correctly in your website. Please refer to the FAQ for how to fix the ACME challenge file permission issues.

If everything works well with the ACME Challenge test function, the plugin should start requesting the SSL certificate for you immediately. The next thing is to wait for the SSL to be loaded into your SSL text boxes.

Should the Domain Validation goes successfully, your SSL certificate will be loaded in the SSL certificates text area automatically.

Should the Domain Validation goes successfully, your SSL certificate will be delivered to your email address as well.

That’s all for obtaining the free SSL certificates, the next step is to install the certificates into your hosting control panels.

PART 2: Installing the free SSL / TLS certificates for your WordPress website

The next step is to install your SSL certificates. The installation depends on which hosting control panel you are using. Please find your hosting control panel or your hosting company below to follow the instructions to install the SSL certificates



Please refer to the FAQ for frequently asked questions:  Frequently Asked Questions

OSE Free SSL WordPress Plugin System Requirements

  • PHP version 5.3+.
  • cURL and OpenSSL extensions in PHP
  • When using FTP mode, an FTP account with the access to /public_html/.well-known (for cpanel) or /httpdocs/.well-known (for plesk).


Take full advantage of the Free SSL revolution and add an extra layer of security for your website now.

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