Centrora Security 4.3.8 released

Centrora Security 4.3.8 is released, what’s new? You will find the virus scanner has more functions. Multi-threads and single threads scanning is available now. The difference of the two scanning method mainly is the former is faster, but may consumes more resources of the server at a specific time. If your server has limited resources, you can use the single-thread scanning method.

Centrora Security 4.3.8 Virus Scanner
Centrora Security 4.3.8 Virus Scanner

Moreover, you now can directly clean, delete, backup or restore all detected files in the scanner report.

Scanner Report in 4.3.8
Scanner Report in 4.3.8

More and more functions will be avaiable in future release! Hope you all enjoy it!

Since 4.3.0, we have made the following changes

= 4.3.8 =
* Fixed: Scanning specific path not working properly on some servers

= 4.3.7 =
* Improved: adjusted maximum threshold function to block an IP address so it will block the IP once it exceeds the threshold instead of blocking the IP in the next time
* Fixed: Fixed Autoloader not working when the firewall is activated globally in the php environment where local php configuration is not allowed
* Added: Added single thread scanning function so the scanning can be performed on some servers with strict database connection requirements.
* Added: Backup, Clean, Delete function in scanning report
* Fixed: Scanning specific path not working properly on some servers

= 4.3.6 =
* Improved: Improved virus scanner
* Added: Added CURL method to download the update package
* Added: Added Backup, Clean, Backup Clean function for virus scanning report
* Added: Added Activation with Activation code function for premium services

= 4.3.5 =
* Added: Added highlight of the virus scanner report
* Improved: Enhance the firewall function to ignore json format request variables

= 4.3.4 =
* Improved: Forced display_errors to be disabled when running the Centrora Firewall for all instances
* Improved: MainWP Extension to support some commercial MainWP addons

= 4.3.3 =
* Improved: Improved MainWP Extension so it checks if the extension is enabled in the Child websites

= 4.3.2 =
* Improved: Changed MainWP Class loaded inside wordpress backend

= 4.3.1 =
* Improved: Improved virus scanner so it can scan a larger amount of files in the system
* Improved: Improved virus scanner for cronjob virus scanning functions
* Fixed: Fixed the Composer class has been declared in some Joomla websites
* Added: Added MainWP Extensions Support
* Improved: Minor CSS style improvement to enhance the UI


OSE Security Suite 6.0.2 released

OSE Security Suite 6.0.2 released, it include the changes of the following

    * Enhancement -- Added the Component control function to ignore some components
    * Bug fix -- Fix the database update function when the anti-hacker component is upgraded from version 5
    * Bug fixed -- Fixed the getTimeZone not found error.
    * Enhancement -- Improved Anti-Virus Scanning Function By Adding the Server Waiting function to avoid high CPU load
    * Bug fixed -- Fixed virus cleaning items cannot be selected javascript issues


OSE Membershipo 7.0.1 Released5

OSE Membership 7.0.5 released

OSE Membership Version 7.0.4 - 7.0.5
    * Enhancement - Added change parent member function for the license package

OSE Membership Version 7.0.3 - 7.0.4
    * Bug Fix - Fixed: For some websites, the membership list does not show up in the backend when there are no members in the membership group


OSE Membershipo 7.0.1 Released

OSE Membership Version 7.0.0 - 7.0.1
    * Enhancement - Enhanced the getMember function to avoid a possible advanced SQL injection vulnerability
    * Enhancement - Added Company column/search on Members and Licenses pages
    * Enhancement - Added Warning message when changing member level
    * Enhancement - Added Membership Option in Sales and Member pages
    * Enhancement - Added Phone in admin new user form
    * Bug Fix - Fixed: Nothing shows up in the front-end Billing History

OSE Membership Version 7.0.0 RC2 - 7.0.0 Stable
    * Enhancement - Improved OSE login view to add the remember me function so users can be automatically login after the browser is closed.
    * Enhancement - Improved member renewal addon interface
    * New Feature - Added IP Control funtion so only certain IPs can access the restricted content
    * Enhancement - Improved 3rd Variation Payment Form to add the Credit Card Owner information.

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